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ThermSoft™ Heating Pad for Pets

$35.99 $59.99


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Keep Your Pets Healthy & Happy

During the night, no matter where you are, your pets will get cold. That's why we made the ThermSoft, a Smart-Heating Pad, Safe USB Port For Overnight/Daytime Use.



🛏 There are beds, and then there are smart-warming beds.

🌡 Level up the coziness factor with a safe smart bed that self heats.

💎Premium fur that keeps the bed warm through freezing nights, and rainy days.

Smart Heat Sensor Keeps Bed Warm And Not Hot

💦Machine Washable Removable Rug


Key Benefits

  • Provides comfortable support for napping, lounging and sleeping.
  • Keeps your pets warm and cozy during the night or a cold day
  • Use it as a bed or a mat in your living room
  • Available in many colors to complement any home décor.
  • Rug is able to be removed and cleaned

How It Works

ThermSoft uses the latest USB technology to heat your pad throughout the night.

🔌 Just plug in and let your pets relax or sleep on the mat 

♨ The mat dissipates heat through the ground 

🐾 Normal pets will feel the heat underneath them

💭 Heat sensitivity for pets, since humans feel heat differently than animals